Mezzanine Finance

Mezzanine Finance

Once your property development project is underway, you may wish to create a second layer of funding by taking out a mezzanine loan.

A mezzanine loan, also known as mezzanine financing is a type of loan that is often used in the property investment industry. The loan allows property investors who have already taken out a senior financing option on their investment project, to take out a secondary layer of debt needed to complete a deal or project. Mezzanine loans are especially useful if a developer or investor has already invested in a project but finds they need further capital to bring their project to light. Without a mezzanine loan to fill the gap, the initial funds invested in the property can be lost.

Infatrade provide high value mezzanine loans for property investors and property developers at the top end of the property market, allowing clients to take out mezzanine loans valued of up to £20M in value. At Infatrade, we finance commercial and residential properties and development projects in the UK and Europe. Our mezzanine finance plans have a repayment period of up to 2 years. If you urgently need mezzanine financing for your project, Infatrade will work relentlessly to get your loan approved as quickly as possible. We will only offer mezzanine loans to customers whose senior financing option was provided by a bank or established fund.

What are the general terms of a mezzanine loan from Infatrade?

  • Infatrade will charge a 2% arrangement fee.
  • All legal fees are to be paid by the borrower.
  • Your mezzanine loan will be secured by the payment of a second legal fee.
  • Loan secured by second legal charge on the development site, other security payments for the loan maybe required dependent on risk.
  • The pricing of your second legal charge is directly correlated to the risk of the transaction, location and borrower status.

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