Infatrade Ltd

Infatrade UK Ltd was founded in 1993 as an independent bridging finance provider. Since 2015, we have expanded into property investment and management using our experience in property finance to fund our own portfolio, which now stands at circa 200 private-rented sector properties across the UK.

We continue to provide property finance, offering short-term loans for UK and international commercial and residential property developments and investments, as well as engaging in joint ventures with likeminded companies that want to invest alongside us. With a dedicated team of employees and contractors, we are adept at streamlining operations and repositioning commercial and residential real estate to reduce costs and maximize returns on investment.

As an experienced property investor and lender, we understand that no two deals are the same and take pride in the personalised, professional service that we provide. Whether we become engaged as financiers or partners, we endeavour to build long-term relationships and grow with our clients.

Mr Alon Klein has been a director at Infatrade UK since 2015 and he is responsible for managing the company’s property investment portfolio, which has grown over that period from zero to over 200 units. As an experienced property manager with an eye for a deal, Alon adopts a strategic approach to maximise returns on investment and source new opportunities. He is also responsible for managing the team based at the London office as well as overseeing the work of external contractors and consultants. Originally from Tel Aviv, Israel, Alon currently resides in West Sussex with his wife and three children and speaks both Hebrew and English fluently.
If you wish to contact Mr Alon Klein, please use the contact form or get in contact with him directly using his email address alon@infatrade.com.