The Bacon Factory

The Bacon Factory

Property type: Period building, factory conversion, Project: House Refurbishment, Location: Central London, Service provided: Bridge loan, Value: £2.1M

Recently Infatrade helped a client, who is a known figure in the finance world, secure the purchase of a historic factory building which was was currently in use as an artist’s studio and living space. Purchasing the property was of great personal importance to the client.

The building was up for sale for £4M and the owner wanted the funds to purchase the property within two weeks to complete the sale. Our clients found that high street banks were not able to provide him with a mortgage in the narrow time frame he had been allowed. The other bridge loan finance providers were reluctant to sell him a bridging loan because the property was for personal rather than commercial use.

When it seemed like all hope was lost, he was introduced to Infatrade.The Bacon Factory

As the client was able to provide us with all the legal documentation we required, we were able to provide him with a bridging loan, which was enough to cover the purchase of the property and the SLDT (Stamp Duty Land Tax). The bridging loan had for a 6 month repayment period, allowing him to purchase the property in the time allowed and arrange for a longer term financing solution for his property.